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Close tabs in Eclipse with a middle click!


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Close Tabs Faster

In Firefox one can close a browser tab by clicking on it with a middle mouse button. This is much faster than using the tab close button, because of the much bigger target area. Especially this trick helps when closing multiple tabs. During such operation the remaining tabs get resized, and, as result, those little close buttons move around a lot.

Getting accustomed to closing tabs with middle click in Firefox, it is frustrating to find myself clicking on Eclipse editors tab trying to close them. "Middle Click Closes Tab" plugin brings this feature to Eclipse.

How it Works

Move a mouse cursor over a tab,

click with a middle mouse button. The tab is gone:

To disable this functionality, just disable it using the Eclipse plugin management tool. The plugin was tested with Eclipse 3.1 - 3.3.

Getting Plugin

See the instructions how to install the plugin. If the plugin made your life easier, consider voting for it.

If you are serious about productivity you may also like the MouseFeed Eclipse plugin, which helps to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Questions or comments? Let me know. I'd appreciate the feedback.

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